Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble Floor Cleaning

Marbles Floors can be defined as materials that are veined and fine textured. They are normally available in color selections that are virtually unlimited. It is important to learn how to clean marble tile floors as they are surfaces that are beautiful and highly visible. It is only through a sensible tile cleaning and routine maintenance that marble floors can provide a lasting service and historic continuity.

marble floor cleaning

Daily maintenance for clean floors in Orlando FL
The easiest as well as the least expensive way by which one can properly maintain a marble floor is through housekeeping on a daily basis.

The things required for daily cleaning for marble floors include a wet mop, vacuum with a soft bristle attachment or dust mop and a neutral marble floor cleaner.

Marble floors should be cleaned on a weekly basis using the following steps:

1st step: Invisible grit which get tracked on marble floors on a daily basis should be removed. A vacuum with a soft bristle attachment or a dust mop should be used. This is because it is like sandpaper on the marble floor finish.

2nd step: The marble surface should be dumped with a mop of a neutral cleaner that contains a ph of 7-8.5.

It is important to note that neutral cleaners are made with an extra conditioning agent that leaves marble floors with a finish that is gleaming and streak-free. Such products are considered to be efficient, effective and safe for both unpolished and polished marble floors.

There are some products that etch marble floors that people should be aware of, they include the following:
• Bleach as it is considered too harsh on marble floors.
• Scented products as they leave streaks on marble floors.
• Vinegar is highly acidic and is likely to etch marble floors.
• Products that contain wax may result in a buildup which will eventually trap dirt and will require to be stripped off in a bid restore.

Marble floors are from the earth and therefore natural as it contains calcium carbonate. This is why marble floors are easily damaged when the wrong cleaning product is used.

A spot removal kit for marble floors should contain the following:

i. Durable rubber gloves.
ii. Terry cloth towel.
iii. A good quality sponge.
iv. Hand buffing pads.
v. A measuring spoon.
vi. A sealing product that penetrates.
vii. A high quality neutral cleaning product.
viii. A safe spot remover and marble polish product.

Spot removal kits are useful for minor etching on marble floors that is caused by pet stains and spills.

The above insightful information can act as a basic guide for marble floor cleaning. All in all, it is clear that marble floor cleaning is a delicate process that needs one to be knowledgeable and competent.