Commercial Grout Cleaning


In commercial places your tiles and floor needs to be maintained well. Grout attracts and sucks in a lot of dirt at a very high rate as compared to other floor making materials. Of particular headache is when it absorbs grease. In an office set up coffee, tea and other form of liquids may spill on the floor creating thick layers of dirty on top of the grout. When this happens don’t take time before you do a thorough commercial grout cleaning, for the simple fact that the material may crack.


Cleaning experts have come up with different ways to clean the grout as explained below:

· Use plain water and stiff-bristled brush- the brush is available at any hardware store. These types of brushes are specifically made for the purpose of cleaning grout. Ensure the water is warm.

· Use of vinegar is the second highly effective method. It is used for the more heavy dirt and mild stains. Spray a half mixture of vinegar and warm water directly on the grout using a spray bottle, leave it for five minutes then later scrub with a brush.

· Baking powder and water- cover all the grout lines with the mixture, then spray vinegar on top, after a few minutes scrub and lastly rinse with plain water.

· Hydrogen peroxide is suitable for very moderate stains. It can be used plainly or alternatively with a mixture of baking powder.

· Oxygen bleach- for tougher and stickier stains. It is in powdered form. Ensure proper ventilation system before commencing cleaning, allow for the bleach to work for about 25 minutes then rinse with clean water.

· Chlorine Bleach- it is used in extreme cases of grout staining. However it is good to note that over-using or long term use of this product will erode the grout completely.

Commercial Grout Cleaning

Reasons to engage professionals.

When you want your beautiful floor to have a long lifespan and always clean engage professional cleaners. Commercial grout cleaning ensures that the dirt and contaminants are completely washed away. Dirt exposes the grout to the risk of breaking down or if it’s a wall it is exposed to cracking.

Professional grout cleaning makes the floor always new. Remember sometimes you cannot be able to identify the stains from the relevant grout material. This is actually the biggest problem commercial homes face when cleaning the grout without the professional cleaners.

In a business setting for instance an office, where customers are visiting on a daily basis having a grungy floor in a bad condition can ruin your impression. Your customers will view you as a disorganized business person. On the other hand a clean floor with commercial grout cleaning services from professionals you will definitely create a more positive impression.