Commercial Office Space


Running a business is not always easy and one of the thing that always comes up for consideration is your work space. Some business owners try to save costs by running their businesses from home but this comes with some problems because you are operating in a property that has been zoned for only residential purposes and not commercial use. You may thus face some restrictions as to the kind of business you can successfully run while paying sanctions or penalties if this restrictions are not heeded.

This is why you need a commercial office space for your business. This way, you will face less restrictions to your business because the property is strictly for commercial use.

What Type Of Office Space Is Right For Your Business?

You need to consider these factors in deciding the right type of commercial office space for you.

1. The location is important as you need to be sure that the space is easily accessible to your clients. Also, the more commercial, central and busy it is, the better for your business because you are likely to get more customers to patronize your business.

2. The type of lease being offered is also very important. Will you be required to share a portion of your profits with your landlord in addition to paying a base line rent? You are better off leasing a business park space as the rent is cheaper and you won’t be required to share your profits.

3. The available space is also important because you need to make sure that you can conveniently conduct your business there. Is it too small or too big? Make sure the office space is the right fit for your business.

4. Parking should be carefully considered as well. Does this place have enough space for you and your clients to park your cars conveniently?

Please note that you cannot live in a commercial office space. Try and be very honest with your landlord about what you will be using the office space for. As an example, if your business requires a lot of traffic and movement from your clients, you need to clearly let your landlord know this otherwise you may be dismissed from the property on the grounds of a contract breach. Take your time to ask the right questions about facility management, security, hygiene, waste disposal and restrictions. If you handle your search for a commercial office space properly, you will prevent future challenges that could occur from using an inappropriate office space.